Phased Reopening

Notice of CCBVI Phased Reopening for Onsite Client Services and Events

(Subject to change without notice)

Although many California state COVID-19 restrictions lifted on June 15, 2021, CCBVI has a three-phase plan for bringing back in-person services and events to the Center in order to protect the health and safety of our staff, clients and students.

In this unprecedented time, COVID-19 has changed so much for all of us, and continues to be a viable, real threat. This is especially true for some members of our blind and visually impaired community.

CCBVI and its committed team continue to provide essential resources and support for people who are blind or have low vision, even in the midst of these extraordinary circumstances. CCBVI provides virtual and tele-connected programs for client engagement, health and fitness, employment immersion, technology, braille, and other vital programs on which our community relies. The CCBVI team continually adapts to changing regulations and remains fully committed to continue operations in new and innovative ways.

PHASE 1 - New Onsite Operating Standards and Agreements

  • All clients seeking services at CCBVI must schedule and meet with the Director of Client Services virtually or in person, and agree to all terms and conditions under the new operating protocols. We hope to have this process completed by the end of summer. Contact the Director of Client Services directly to schedule an appointment.
  • CCBVI’s training, education and other services continue to be delivered tele-connectedly or virtually during this phase.

PHASE 2 – Onsite Delivery of Services Under New Operating Standards

  • Education and training services onsite are slated to open for clients at the end of summer or early fall 2021. Check back frequently for updates.
  • In-person appointments and services for clients are handled on case-by-case basis. We hope to have this process completed by the end of summer. Contact the Director of Client Services directly to schedule an appointment.

PHASE 3 – Onsite Events Under New Operating Standards

  • Onsite business and social events are contemplated to resume possibly winter 2021, dependent on government regulations and pandemic status. Check the calendar for dates.