Child works with a teacher

CCBVI programs are designed to help youth meet the challenges of everyday life. Through CCBVI’s unique blend of educational, social and recreational activities, integration and adaptive techniques, technology and immersion into a nurturing environment with peers, youth who are blind and visually impaired will gain new levels of confidence, moving forward to master even more milestones with the positive reinforcement of each new success. New experiences with friends is always more fun, and the comradery formed with other youth will build self-esteem and reduce feelings of isolation.

Each participant will gain emotional, social, recreational and educational tools that will allow them to succeed in their individual short and long-term goals and objectives. They will become well-rounded, successful, independent adults who contribute positively to their communities.

Summer Youth Program

Both teen and youth will enjoy art, outdoor activities, sports, field trips, culinary experiences, social activities, assistive technology and much more. All this awaits their one-week day camp adventure at CCBVI!

Youth program ages 8-18 years - July 8 - 12, 2024

CCBVI’s Summer camp will reinforce your child’s self-confidence. Kids will enjoy educational adventures each day, with a variety of field trips and activities. Come and enjoy cooking, chemistry and kayaking with peers. The benefits will last a lifetime!

Young Adults Graduating and Advancing (YAGA)

Ages 14 to 24

Quarterly education and pre-employment services for young adults in transition from high school to college and from college to career.

This program is designed to help youth meet the challenges of everyday life. Transition information, college prep information, career exploration, resources/information, assistive technology, support network, social media and much more.