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Honor Stockton Blue Run

The Stockton Police Chaplaincy will host the Honor Stockton Blue Run this April 24, 2022, right in town at the UOP campus! We intend for this to become an annual event to honor fallen officers and to support our local law enforcement communities.  

With the loss of Officer Jimmy Inn and Captain Max Fortuna, it is increasing important to show our support and encouragement for those who daily serve our community. All proceeds will be going to the Stockton Police Chaplaincy program which supports the men and women of the Stockton Police Department and their families. You can find information on this Nonprofit program at

I’m sharing this information with you for several reasons. Some of you may want to join in the run! We would love to have you come out on that Sunday morning to show your support and have a little run or walk in the fresh morning hours!  

Secondly, we could use your help in spreading the word.

And finally, we are looking for financial sponsors. We can use all the help we can get to get this landmark event off the ground and up and running!! (pun intended) 

If you go to our website at you will find more information about how to register for the race and some options for sponsorship. Again, every bit helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or call 209-937-7424.

Jesse Kenyon 

Senior Chaplain 

Stockton Police Chaplaincy

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